Two Mademoiselles in Maine


There’s nothing like photographing good friends in their underwear. Our foray into print advertising begins with two of my favorite local gentlewomen, Sam White and Liz Long, who will serve as Étaín’s first Lingerie Ambassadors! Portland artist Gabriella Sturchio joined us last week to photograph our very first shoot. Much half-clothed gaiety ensued.

(Note: Although very classy and sophisticated, our Ambassadors are not actually French)

So, why did we embark on this project? First of all, it’s a really good excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy a boisterous evening with some righteously creative ladies, but that’s just a very happy byproduct.


Étaín is meant to provide an alternative to the mainstream retail experience, and we hold ourselves accountable for any imagery we help to circulate. It is not necessary to bombard women with airbrushed photographs of nearly naked supermodels in order to advertise undergarments. At this point, most of us have seen the many ways in which representations of women’s bodies are corrupted for the sake of our bizarre societal standards. To make anyone feel like they have the “wrong figure” for fabulous lingerie is just not cool. It’s also quite lame that the majority of these images are addressing a male audience. Let’s not be complicit in this. Many of our brands are doing a great job of working against the misogynistic norm, using a variety of models who look like real women. Rather than distributing these images, we have chosen to join the movement by putting our very own Portland women in the spotlight. Because here’s the truth: pretty much everybody wears underwear. It’s not just for models! Shocking, I know. To tell the truth, the thought of seeking out professional models never crossed my mind. Why bother? I am constantly surrounded by extraordinary women. That sounds super corny, but it’s true. Look out for Sam and Liz in your local publications, and check out their profiles on our website (coming soon). Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Let us know! We will be putting together a larger shoot later this spring.

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