Our Story


In the summer of 2010, fresh out of college and full of feminist energy, I moved back home to Downeast Maine and began pursuing my lifelong dream of waiting tables and providing other customer service at any local business that would have me. You may sense some sarcasm in my tone, and it’s there, but I also truly value the many positions I have held on the Blue Hill Peninsula. I have always loved the idea of opening a little shop of some kind, and my employers inspired me to follow their lead as small business owners. The experience of working at their establishments has been invaluable.

Three [simultaneous] jobs and several months into my post-college career, I discovered what kind of business I wanted to build. Back home, the nearest lingerie shop was a certain not-so-secret mega retailer, and it was an hour’s drive. The idea of opening my own place arose during an impassioned conversation with friends about the unavailability of undergarments and bra fitting in our neck of the woods. At first, it was merely an entertaining fantasy. Punny business names were tossed around, ideal venues and promotions were explored. Then I started to research and learn more about bra fitting. I was hooked. What better way to pursue my retail aspirations than to combine them with a mission to help women? This is when the “little shop” became much more than that– It became a women’s space.

When I introduced my mother, Marion, to the idea, she was very enthusiastic, and we eventually formed what has been an incredibly rewarding partnership. Early on, my mother shared with me the fond memory of shopping for her first bra in a small, local shop with an intimate atmosphere. This is the type of experience that I want for the women in our community.

Growing up, I was always interested in clothing. I enjoyed the creativity of sewing and putting together unique outfits, but the fashion world itself was a bit of a turn-off for me. What I love about underthings is that they can be a secret, personal form of fashion. It’s almost more fun if nobody else sees them, especially because the perfect bra can do so much for a woman from underneath her clothes, physically and emotionally. There’s a reason they call them “intimates”.